4 Amazing Turmeric Properties

4 amazing turmeric properties
Turmeric has important health benefits, including the following.

According to Health News, turmeric is a well-known and high-quality spice, which also has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to its beneficial flavoring properties.

While adding this spice to food or using it on the face of the skin is safe, it is advisable to consult a physician before using it as a supplement.

According to studies, this spice has important health benefits, including:
Treatment of chronic

turmeric disease has a natural anti-inflammatory drug called Curcuminoid, which has a positive effect on a variety of diseases. Inflammation is the cause of many diseases, and as a result, in many studies, the potential effects of turmeric in treating heart disease or reducing the risk of certain types of cancers have been investigated. While research is at an early stage, researchers have achieved promising results.

Contributing to Weight Loss

Studies have shown that curcumin combinations help reduce inflammation in the pancreas, muscle cells, and fat. While in most of these studies, mice were tested, a study in 44 humans was conducted in 2015 indicating the effect of this substance on weight loss in the two-month period.

However, according to experts, only the addition of turmeric to the diet does not cause weight loss, and this combination is associated with other actions such as physical activity and refusal to consume processed foods.
Improving the health of the skin The

use of turmeric tea or the use of health-care products containing this substance can make the skin receive antioxidant compounds. While there is no evidence of the miraculous effect of turmeric in treating acne, some dermatologists have emphasized that it helps to produce collagen.
Reducing arthritis pain

for people with susceptible pains, The addition of turmeric to the diet is beneficial. In a study conducted in 2016, the combination of curcumin reduced the pain associated with arthritis. It has also been emphasized in many studies to reduce pain, physical functioning and improve the quality of life of patients with arthritis.

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