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Get rid of your stress and worries by taking a shower. A study in Japan showed that the severity of stress indicators (cortisol and chromogranin) in those who took a shower was really reduced after 60 minutes.

According to Health News: When you are tired and can not even go out you will not be tempted to skip showering, is not it? But you need to know that showering and bathing will not only keep you healthy and healthy but also keep you healthy and healthy.

Reduces muscle tension

A hot bath can fix a lot of muscle problems. Taking stress from the muscles under pressure and relieving them relieves pain, increases the flexibility of the muscles and removes fatigue after exercise and exercise.

Improve blood flow

Dipping in water increases blood flow to the body and helps to nourish damaged cells, especially in the legs. With increasing circulation, blood pressure decreases and heart function is also improved.

Decrease blood glucose

According to scientific findings, people with diabetes who were immersed in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes every day for three weeks reduced their blood glucose by 13%. 

One participant was able to reduce his daily insulin dose by approximately 18% by the same method after 10 days.

Boosting the immunity system

Not only is a hot water bath, but also a cold water bath. The study found that taking a shower of cold water regularly could stimulate the regimen and lymphatic system to produce more immune cells to fight infections. As a result, the chance of getting sick will be reduced over the year.

depression treatment

If you are prone to depression, then cold water can really help you. Studies have shown that exposure to cold water leads to activation of the nervous system. Because it increases the chemical content of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline in the blood, resulting in depression. A shower or cold-water bath sends electrical nervous signals from the brain that will have anti-depressant effects.

Improve fertility in men

Want to increase your sexuality? Have a shower of cold water every day. Studies show that men who take a shower of cold water have higher levels of testosterone in their body.

Men who take a shower of warm water also benefit from another. The hot water bath is the cheapest contraceptive method! Studies have shown that men who get hot water every day have less sperm. Because the production of sperm and their mutation decreases in the vicinity of high temperatures. Do not worry, as soon as you do not shower again, the number of sperm will return to normal.

Reducing stress

Get rid of your stress and worries by taking a shower. A study in Japan showed that the severity of stress indicators (cortisol and chromogranin) in those who took a shower was really reduced after 60 minutes.

Disposal of Toxins

It does not matter how much perfume you spray on yourself, if you go out without taking a shower, you’ll lose. If you smell too much, then you should never run away from the shower. Sweating is a way to repel the body of toxins. With a daily shower, the smell of your cooking is reduced and warm water releases all the toxins out of your body and also destroys bacteria and viruses. All of this is equivalent to reducing the number of infections throughout the year.

Improve sleep

A shower before sleeping helps you sleep. It turned out that in some people, taking a bath can even treat insomnia.

Improving the Function of the Lungs When your cold water is sinking in your bathroom, there is unconscious reflux that causes you to breathe with an instant pause. When cold water reaches your skin, you immediately stop the nerve for a few seconds and then do a deep exhalation. This will increase the lungs and increase oxygen levels.

You will be more beautiful

A shower with hot water or cold water acts as a skin cleansing process. It opens the holes, removes toxins, and smooths the skin. Bathing in water can even reduce the symptoms of aging.


Source: Tebyan

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