At which time should sleep ? Benefits and harms

We all know that sleep for mental and physical health is vital, but it turns out that the bed is another important factor for health in particular, a study showed that for many people lying on the side The left can be a better ticket for a better health and sleep. This is the theory of Ayurveda, a comprehensive health and medical approach that has begun in India. To the left of sleep.

Why are all the rumors about sleeping to the left? It turns out that it may be useful for the digestive system, the waist and even our heart, due to the position of various organs of the body.

Benefits of Left Sleep for the health of the body

In this part of the damp health, we have six potential benefits for sleeping to the left:

Given the Ayurveda drugs, sleeping to the left allows the body to make the lymphatic fluid filter better and repel through the lymph nodes, because the left side of our body is often lymphatic. Research has also shown that sleeping to the left can help eliminate brain waste. Conversely, sleeping to the right can reduce the effectiveness of lymphatic systems.

2 Left to sleep to improve digestion

When digging occurs, sleeping to the left may be better because of the simple case of gravity. In particular, lying down to the left allows the waste to flow easily from the large intestine to the rectum (which means you have more bowel movement than wakefulness). Sleeping to the left allows the stomach and pancreas to be naturally suspended (our stomach is on the left side of the body), which can maintain the spread of pancreatic enzymes and other digestive processes.

3. Fifteen to the left to sleep for the heart

Doctors have long advised pregnant women to fall asleep to their left, so that blood flow to their heart can be improved. Even if you are not pregnant (or do not have a woman), falling asleep to the left will stop the pressure on the heart, because gravity can improve lymph drainage and circumvent the circulation of the aorta from the heart. They say it’s worth considering, discussing which type of sleeping is left or right for heart health.

4 Left-to-left fit for pregnant women

Sleeping to the left only increases and improves blood circulation in pregnant women. It can help lower your back pressure, maintain your uterus from liver pressure, and increase blood flow to the uterus, kidneys, and fetus. For this reason, doctors recommend that pregnant women should sleep to their left as far as they can.

5 Reduce heartburn with the left side of sleep

A study published in the Clinical Surgical Clinical Journal indicated that lying down to the left could also help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. That’s why the stomach is on the left. On the contrary, lying to the right may exacerbate these symptoms. Its effects are relatively immediate, if you feel dizzy after eating, try to lie down to your left for 10 minutes.

6 Left sleep suitable for lower back pain

People who suffer from chronic back pain may be useful to sleep on their left side. Because sleeping on the sides can reduce the pressure on the spinal column. Having a comfortable feel, in turn, improves your chances of having a good night and a good night’s sleep.


While all these factors are convincing reasons to start sleeping to the left, it is important to note that some people, including people with heart disease, sleep apnea, glaucoma and carpal tunnel syndrome, may be Do not enjoy sleeping on your sides, ask your doctor for help if you are not sure what kind of sleeping pattern is right for you.

How to change our sleep mode:

If you are ready to change, you will see that it may take a long time to change the new habit of sleeping to the left. Implementing a few simple strategies can help create a change. For example, you might put a pillow below your waist to sleep, which would make it harder for you to sleep on the left side during sleep.

You can also try to fall back to your side of your bed in proportion to your usual time, so your sleep will not be very different and you will not feel much different (even if you fall back to the opposite side).

Choosing the right mattress for sleeping on the sides

Selecting a suitable mattress is also very important for sleeping on the sides.

Because sleeping on the sides can put pressure on the shoulder and shoulder, and more importantly, choose a soft mattress that helps reduce pressure in these areas; be sure to look for a mattress that allows the spine to be in a state of Keep it simple and, of course, make sure you choose a mattress that will feel comfortable for you. A combination of a comfortable bed and a good sleeping form will surely give you a chance to sleep better and have a great sense of awakening.

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