If you have diabetes, take care of your kidneys

According to  Health Insurance Organization  some cases related to kidney disease and its problems Suggesting that serious measures should be taken by people at the national level to prevent the growing disease.

“All of the poison control center, especially soluble in water, says the kidneys get kidney failure when the kidneys do not bury the water soluble toxins,” he explained.

He said kidney failure when kidney function was below 60%, adding that dialysis or transplantation should be performed in patients with kidneys below 20%

Kidney specialist noted that since kidney donor is low in the country and is a long and hard process, the dialysis of these patients is the most common. The most common cause of kidney disease is diabetes , out of a total of 100 dialysis cases in 45 people after Diabetes suffered from kidney problems and dialysis.

He noted that after diabetes, postpartum blood pressure and congenital anemia, and kidney and kidney stones are the cause of kidney disease, maternal illness may develop inferiority after 20-30 years of age.

She added: “The worst case of kidney failure is diabetes and blood pressure , maternal disease is not preventable but can be cured, but diabetes and blood pressure can be prevented.”

The best prevention in relation to kidney disease is the control of blood sugar, patients should have adequate information about the effects of blood glucose; the kidney is a sensitive organ that responds to blood glucose.

Regarding the age of kidney patients, he said, “We are currently treating children aged 8 to 10 years old and 80 years old with kidney disease, some of whom are dialysed.

The sub-specialty of the kidney, saying that low-mobility is the main cause of many of the physical problems for humans, says cigarettes and high-fat foods are very effective in developing kidney disease.

“Effective food control is a must-have measure, smoking cessation, reducing the amount of added sodium, especially sodium, is very effective in controlling kidney disease,” he said, proclaiming that high-calorie foods are one of the serious problems of society.

Sodium is present in many foods, there is no reason to use Sodium Salt with food.

“Diabetes is the cause of blood pressure,” he said, “after diabetes, the blood pressure on the kidneys is undesirable.” All those with diabetes are somewhat infected with blood pressure.

The kidneys supra specialist, stating that normal blood pressure is below 12, says that high blood pressure is higher than 13 as normal and high blood pressure is higher than 14, requiring treatment, triggering a pressure of 13 “kidney” injuries.

He continued: The blood pressure of 12 is eight, many people do not know the process of increasing blood pressure , the disease has no symptoms.

The renal supra specialist noted that controlling blood pressure and diabetes with increased mobility and weight control, said smoking cessation, reduced fat intake and reduced supplemental salt can control blood pressure and diabetes simultaneously.

He said the cause of kidney disease is blockage of this body member and said: the presence of “kidney” stones leads to blockage of this organ from the body, in the long run leads to the adaptation of adrenal glands in the kidney, which over time eliminates the kidney, possible The presence of kidney stones in the body is genetic, and stones also lead to chronic infection.

also noted the causes of kidney disease in the presence of “kidney” cysts and added: “A large percentage of cysts are simple and not very worrisome. Renal cysts that are harmful should be monitored regularly, those with cystic disease usually have blood pressure and The same blood pressure causes the kidneys to be eliminated, and cysts do not harm the kidneys themselves.

He noted that the risk of having a person’s blood pressure depends on the type of body’s resistance. We have a family with a kidney disease at the age of 30, but his brother had no problem with his 70s.

Radio logical examination in families with cystic ovaries should be on the agenda and the referral to doctors to control the blood pressure should be taken seriously.

Diabetes is at the head of the injury to the kidneys. If we can control diabetes and increase social awareness, in about 10 to 15 years, about 45% of kidney patients will decrease,” he added.

The kidneys specialist reminded: There is an increasing trend in diabetic kidney patients around the world.

He noted that the causes of renal disease are one in everywhere in the world, 1,300 people in the country are diagnosed with dialysis annually. For each year, the government spends two million USD, and in general, the government pays 22 billion USD annually for dialysis. The province costs more than 30,000 diabetic patients in the country, and about 6,000 and five hundred hospital beds are dedicated to diabetics

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