Never cook these foods on hot days

Poisoning is very common during the hot days of the year and you have to pay a lot of attention to preventing this.

Food poisoning is one of the most common diseases in the hot seasons, especially in summer . Because of high air temperatures, food is rapidly corrosive and can cause poisoning caused by diarrhea and vomiting. Here are some important nutritional recommendations for preventing poisoning.

Often, food poisoning is initially with little dizziness, nausea, and sometimes vomiting, it is highly emphasized that self-care is not taken at all in such a situation, and the rapid delivery of a poisoned person to the emergency department is very important because it neglects to lead to The release of toxic substances in the body and negligence in this complication sometimes lead to death of people.

Do not eat nights
According to doctors, the process of cooling the foods in the refrigerator is timely and due to the proper conditions for the growth of some aerobic bacteria, keeping food in closed containers, even inside the refrigerator, can not stop the spread of these bacteria to food, and keeping food in the refrigerator does not have much effect on reducing poisoning. .

Therefore, freezing and then heating more than once can cause poisoning. Doctors warn that with the expansion of the activity in the heat season, the supply of household health food is reduced and more people outside of the home tend to eat externally.

Eat less restaurant meals
According to doctors, restaurants and food service providers are eating more food because they do not lose their customers, and if they are not eating, they will store food for later, which can also be effective in causing poisoning.

Restrict the intake of some proteins
Some proteins like red meat make the body produce more heat. Note that digestion of a meal made with chicken or a plate of legumes takes less energy from digestion of steak or kebab, and so on. If you’re so happy, try not to eat high-protein foods to make your body hard.

Tell fats “no”
The consumption of fats also greatly reduces digestion and digestion. In fact, fat destroys the body for digestion and decomposition into the body. That’s why they raise the temperature of the body, which means that you are constantly grateful and tell the earth and the time of the night.Limit the consumption of fatty substances to better control your body temperature.

Eating foods that are best when eating food poisoning
It is advisable to limit the consumption of solid and solid food until your diarrhea and vomiting are resolved and, instead, by slowly digesting soft and low-fat foods, you can quickly return to your usual diet.

Kiel, rice, oatmeal, potato puree, boiled vegetables, caffeinated drinks, diluted juice, sports drinks, are of good nutrition.

Also refuse to eat dairy products, especially milk and cheese, greasy foods, high-fat foods, high-sugar foods, spicy foods, and refreshments.

Similarly, the best way to prevent food poisoning is to prepare your food in healthy ways and

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