Ways to prevent foot ulcer in people with diabetes

on the risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers, the lack of control of blood glucose in diabetic patients has irreversible complications. Therefore, it is recommended that patients be monitored regularly for blood sugar levels according to the physician’s instructions. It is intended to visit the treatment centers for examination and further examination.

He points out that the sensory and vascular disorder is a dangerous risk to the development of diabetes mellitus, adding that these two factors play a significant role in the development of ulcers. Therefore, patients should be able to see the sensory disorder, lack of blood supply or any change in foot. Visit the doctor.

The risk factors for diabetic foot ulcer are categorized into systematic and topical categories. Among these, the risk factors include increased blood pressure, lack of blood glucose control, prolonged disease, and obesity. And overweight and … noted.

Amini stressed: Among the topical risk factors, it is also possible to have a history of foot ulcer, foot and nail problems, and so on.

According to him, the use of cigarette and the use of inappropriate footwear and footwear can also cause foot ulcer in diabetic patients.

The researchers at the  University of Medical Sciences on ways to prevent foot ulcers noted: Patients should try to prevent wound healing by conducting periodic examinations, performing necessary tests, maintaining foot health and … Diabetic foot ulcers can cause secondary complications for patients.

Amini added: “It is important to maintain the health and well-being of the skin of the feet in patients with diabetes, in such a way people are advised to use a variety of lotions and moisturizers to prevent dry skin, leg cracks and ….

He continued: Leaving the palms of the skin and the skin dry increases the risk of infiltration into the feet and the wound.

The researcherUniversity of Medical Sciences pointed out that patients should also be referred to the physician as soon as any changes in the skin and legs of the legs are observed.


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