The Tremendous Effects of Tobacco Plants on the Treatment of Several Common Diseases

The tremendous effects of tobacco plants on the treatment of several common diseases
According to researchers, tobacco has an anti-inflammatory protein that can provide strong therapeutic power to treat problems such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, dementia, and arthritis.

According to Health News quotes October, a team of researchers from the University of Western Ontario, Canada from tobacco plants to produce large amounts of the human protein called Interleukin 37 (IL-37) was used, this protein naturally in human kidneys in small amounts produced.

“Tony Jvnykar”, a member of the research team, in this regard, said: “This protein is an excellent regulator of inflammation in the body and in the clinical specified in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and autoimmune effective.”

He adds “The human kidney generates IL-37 protein, but it’s not enough to keep us from inflammatory problems.”

The IL-37 protein has been shown to be successful in animal models, but its clinical use is limited, as its production is costly in large quantities. Currently, this protein is produced at very low levels using E. coli and is very costly.

But according to the results of these studies, the production of this protein from tobacco can be very cost effective. According to researchers, it is easy to make changes in the tobacco to produce the desired protein within two weeks.

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