This fruit raises diabetes sugar

This fruit raises diabetes sugar
Dr. Mohammad Akbarfarashah, adding that the properties of this paradise fruit, which are considered as adorable rubies, have been added: Research projects have shown that over 760 genotypes (genetic structure) are known from this fruit.

He said the pomegranate has a low nutritional value, but it produces good nourishment in the body and looks good in the skin. Also, in new studies, liver protective properties are mentioned. The Iranian medicine expert, pomegranate pomegranate (white curtains of pomegranate seeds), was a good treatment for lowering blood lipids and improving the function of the stomach. All the ingredients of the pomegranate were used in the old days, its skin as colored dyeing compounds It is used and its root has a disharmonious effect.

Doctor Askar Farshah reminded: Pomegranate skin was used as a gargoyle due to tannin compounds in oral products. In addition, due to the properties of gastric tissue weakness in the continuous use of sweet pomegranate, it is better for people with digestive diseases to pomegranate with herbs to Lambskin lipstick face.
He also said that eating pomegranate seeds with herbaceous ginseng has long been common among Iranian people and is beneficial for reducing gastrointestinal complications.
The Iranian medicine specialist added: “It should be noted that pomegranate juice and its derivatives, such as pomegranate juice or paste, should not be used for water, and food preparation should only be used as a constituent of these preparations when the food enters the oil phase from the blue stage. Has been.
Yazd province is considered to be the main pomegranate country of the country, and its product is of high quality. In late October and the first half of November, the harvest season is in Yazd province.
Pomegranates stored in shelters and sheltered places are available to citizens today, and part of this product may occasionally be maintained and used.
The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a tree fruit that has red, white or colored seeds, the color of the skin is often red, sometimes black or almost yellow.
This tree is one of the first domesticated plants native to the east of Iran to the Himalayan mountains in northern India, pomegranates can grow and grow in almost any climate and soil, but high water at the time of the arrival of the fruit causes it to crack Will be fruit Pomegranates can withstand high temperatures with cold winds and temperatures of -10 ° C.

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