Watermelon and increased libido!

Watermelon can boost your libido. Watermelon easily leads to increased male libido.

According to scientists, compounds are found in watermelons that cause blood vessel dilation and possibly increased libido.
“The more research into watermelon is found, the more fruit we get from this fruit,” Dr. Pettil, president of the Center for Scientific Research on Types of Fruits and Vegetables at the University of Texas, says. Useful properties of watermelon It is well-known for everyone, but with every new research it continues to add to its list of beneficial compounds. The micro nutrients in watermelon or other fruits and vegetables are natural gums that play an active role in the beneficial chemical reactions in the body. Arginine boosts the vasodilator nitric oxide, which is similar to Viagra, and is used to treat sexual dysfunction and even prevent it. Increasing nitric oxide is effective in treating those psychiatric disorders that require more fluid flow, and at the same time it can be beneficial for angina and high blood pressure. ”
Dr. Colin said, perhaps watermelon It does not work like Viagra, but it dilutes the vessels without any side effects that the drug is taking. The benefits of watermelon do not end here. Arginine also helps with the cleansing of the body from ammonia and toxins to the urine cycle. Citrulline, a precursor of arginine, is found in watermelon skin more than watermelon itself, and since watermelon is not eaten, scientists are trying to produce a new species of watermelon that contains more citrulline in the brain. The Oklahoma Agricultural University has also studied Texas College research.

Watermelon is also rich in lycopene, which in this sense can even replace the sultan of this group, tomatoes. About 92% of the watermelon is water, but the same 8% of the rest contain a significant amount of lycopene and other antioxidants that contribute to the health of the prostate and the heart. Since lycopene is fat-soluble and requires more fat in the body to absorb more in the body, tomato juice is recommended in salads with vegetable oils such as avocados or spinach. This may also apply to lycopene, but the results are not proven.

Increased libido
Phyllo Patel, director of the University of Texas Holdings Research Center at IA Endem, Texas, said that watermelon contains phyto-nutrients that convert into arginine by entering the human body. According to this report, arginine acid itself increases the nitric oxide of the vasodilator The effect of it is similar to Viagra. According to Health News, quotes from Vista; in addition, watermelon contains cytarolin, which also plays a role in the development of blood vessels and, as a result, increased libido and ability in the human body.

Watermelon, in addition to being a natural sexual drug, can cause blood circulation in the human body without side effects, Dr. Patley says. Scientists are also looking to produce a hybrid watermelon that It contains a lot of citrulline in the watermelon skin, so you can use the skin of this food instead of putting it in the garbage

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