Benefits of Vitamin B12 for Skin and Hair

If you notice that the color of your skin goes to jaundice, it may be due to a deficiency of B12.

Vitamins are vital and essential for survival. Vitamin B12 supports nerve cells and helps in the formation of red B blood cells.One of the benefits of vitamin B12 for hair helps to treat hair loss and strengthen hair. In this article you will find more about vitamin B12 Get information.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

Feeling strange

Some people who are lacking in vitamin B12 say: I feel an overflow is going on. Other reported cases include numbness and tingling. All these strange emotions are due to damage to the nervous system, which is stimulated by the loss of oxygen in the cells .

Put the keys in the fridge 

Forget about work or wasting, do not remember your friend’s name, maybe you’re worried about having an early Alzheimer’s, but sometimes B12 defects are the main culprit. In some patients who are older, they sometimes mistake vitamin B12 deficiency with Alzheimer’s Blood tests are taken from such patients, and once the B12 deficiency is diagnosed, the doctorprescribes vitamin B12 supplementation so that the symptoms disappear .

You feel tired and confused

 Having vertigo is another sign of B12 deficiency . In a study that was conducted on 100 people (the people dizziness, chronic), researchers found that 40 percent shortage of vitaminB12 are Dizziness can not always be a sign of vitamin deficiency, and it’s best to give the doctor a diagnosis .

Your skin is pale 

If you notice that the color of your skin goes to jaundice, it may be due to a deficiency of B12. When you have a deficiency, red cells are very fragile and easily broken, which causes the release of bilirubin pigments and the skin color of the skin .

The language becomes smooth and red 

Half of those with a severe shortage of B12 are papillae – minute tubercles on the tongue– the language to lose, especially those that are around the edges of the tongue. Patients also complain of burning language, especially behind the tongue. Since most of these small lobules contain gastric glands, if you lose a lot, even your favorite foods will be tasteless. In fact, women who lack vitamin B12 can lose weight more easily because the foods no longer taste, but this is not a wise way to lose weight .

Helping to form red blood cells and prevent anemia

Vitamin B- 12 plays an important role in helping the body to make red blood cells plays .Lower levels of vitamin B 12 reduce or prevent the formation of red blood cell formation is the right way. Healthy red blood cells, and a small circular form, but if a lack of vitamin B- 12 , an oval shape and become larger .

Help bone health and prevent osteoporosis

Sufficient levels of vitamin B12 helps maintain bone health. A study on more than 2,500 adults has shown that people with vitamin B12 deficiency are deficient in bone mineralogy .

These bones become weak and brittle gradually over time, so osteoporosis also increases .

Helping to strengthen morale and reduce symptoms of depression

The effect of vitamin B12 on the morale of individuals has not yet been fully understood.However, this vitamin plays a major role in the synthesis and metabolism of serotonin, which regulates morale. Lower vitamin B12 reduces serotonin and causes depression in individuals.Sound studies have shown that the use of vitamin B12 supplements has been very effective in improving the symptoms of depression in people with this vitamin deficiency .

Promoting Heart Health

Increasing the level of amino acid homocysteine ​​can increase the risk of heart disease. If the amount of vitamin B12 decreases, the amount of homocysteine ​​increases

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