By consuming this food, your teeth will be destroyed

Oral and oral health is one of the most urgent issues that should be taken into consideration by our colleagues. It is interesting to know that some of the foods we use daily that are very useful to the body contain substances that are harmful to the health of the teeth. So, in order to keep your teeth healthy, it’s best to know about these foods, so follow these tips to keep your teeth healthy. In this article, we introduce foods that severely damage the teeth .

Note: It is best to reduce the consumption of some of these foods to the health of your teeth. But some of these substances have a lot of benefits for the body and can not be removed from the diet, so it’s best to wash your teeth after using this material, and sometimes brush your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Pasta sauce and pasta
The tooth enamel is highly vulnerable to dark colors. For example, you should mention red pasta and pasta paste. Painted enamels easily absorb these colors and create incredible blemishes. In addition, the acid in tomato creates pores in the teeth. To fix this problem, it is best to spin water immediately after eating pasta and pasta to prevent the sauce on your teeth.

Tasty candies
Kneading candy in your mouth may not seem to be very harmful, but these kinds of foods make the sugars contained in them long lasting in the mouth. Their chewing may also result in the breaking or tearing of healthy teeth, filled or dressed.

Unfortunately, we have to forget one of the pleasures of our summer nights that are grilling barbecue. Dentistry emphasizes that blasting (grilled, boiled or steamed) causes cracking or breaking of healthy, stuffed or dressed teeth, orthodontics, wire or brackets. To enjoy the good taste of the ear, you can remove the seeds from the body and apply with a spoon (like Mexican corn).

Drink (even diet)
Your sweet and delicious drinks are crazy vandals that are wickedly damaging your teeth. Most liquids and beverages include acids that eliminate tooth enamel. To eliminate this form, catch the soft drink to find the least contact with your teeth.

mineral water
Is mineral water better than tap water? When it comes to teeth, we have to say no! The problem is the process of purifying these waters, which leads to their acidification. Acid in the tooth causes corrosion.

Gummy mint
Perhaps, after eating a mint gum, feel the cleanliness of your teeth, but the reality is something else: chewing mint gum is like having your teeth soaked in sugar. Try to use unscured chewing gum such as xyllitol, which also struggles with oral bacteria.

Chewy Chocolate
It is not unusual for dentists to bite toffee and caramel. Chewing gums stick to the tooth and gum and cause plaque. In addition, eating chocolate at the wrong time will also cause tooth decay. If you like eating a lot of chocolate, it’s best to use a variety of bitter chocolates that have a lot less harm.

Peanut butter and marmalade
Both peanut butter and marmalade contain a lot of sugar. By emitting every mouthpiece that contains these materials, the tooth enamel bacteria enter into action. And since both are viscous, they cause bacteria to stick to your teeth and cause more damage to them.

potato chips
Perhaps eating this chips is simply biting the air, but the pieces of these saltiness leaves stick to the teeth and remain in the mouth for a long time. These remaining pieces of teeth, bacteria producing acid in the fight against chips Overstock and at the end lead to worms and corrosive teeth. If you continue to eat chase, more acids are produced and more teeth are damaged.

A cup of lemonade, although it refreshes human life, but the acid found in the lemon can damage the teeth. Lemonade is a combination of sugar and lemon, both of which are harmful to the teeth. Even adding lemons to water can also have the same risk.

The lovely cinematic food is also on the list of dangerous substances for the teeth. Pfeffil remains among the teeth and causes the growth and development of harmful bacteria. They do not blossom seeds that are worse off, because without knowing we will bite these tall beans and may crack or teething.

Dried fruits
Basically, snacks such as figs, raisins, or dried apricots are full of sugar and insoluble cellulose fibers that, like toffee chewing, collect sugars around the tooth. It’s best to always use fresh fruits.

White bread
It is best to avoid having white breads like sandwiches to keep your teeth healthy. The carbohydrates in these loaves are dissolved in water and lead to acid secretion, which causes the enamel to disappear. In addition, white bread has adhesion properties and may remain in the teeth.
Cough and sore throats, perhaps coughs and sore throats, can destroy the symptoms of your disease, but you must know more than a sweet candy, sugar. . Because these candy should basically be cooked for a few minutes and used throughout your cold period, they can damage your teeth. It is advisable to calm your throat pain with herbal teas or water. Or use at least sugar-free pills.

From grapefruit to orange, all citrus is rich in nutrients and vitamins. But these tasty fruits are also rich in acid, which is very harmful to the teeth. Drink water after eating these citrus and foods full of them.

Vinegar contains many seasonings, such as salad dressing, pickles and sauces. But this tart and luscious food will spoil your teeth. In recent studies, adolescents who consume large amounts of vinegar are 85% more likely to be exposed to tooth enamel. Lettuce fights with the damage the vinegar brings to the teeth, so pour Balsamic vinegar on your salad and eat it without worry.

Foods with strong pigments such as blubbery, sugar beet and soy sauce will destroy the color of the tooth. But the powder is also dangerous to the teeth. This powder is not too dark, but its strong pigmentation causes the teeth to yellowish and the jaundice remains on the teeth. The next time you use the foods that are full of work, be sure to drink plenty of water after that.

black tea
Black tea is much better than coffee, which makes the teeth whiten. But it has been proven that the tannin in tea also causes tooth decay. To avoid this problem, it is better to use green tea or herbal teas.

Most fruits themselves are sweet enough, but the producers of compote add a lot of sugar to them. Canned citrus in concentrated syrup is the worst food for teeth. Because they are full of acid and sugar in one go, both of which cause teeth to fail

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