Goodbye with bruises and black eyes


Black eye and blur around the eyes for some has become a problem. A problem that, in addition to disturbing the beauty of the eyes and face, creates health concerns. Some people believe that darkness and bruising around the eyes are inherited and nothing can be done to cure, but this belief is not accepted in traditional medicine and modern medicine, because with the correct changes in nutrition and lifestyle it’s easy to see a black problem under the eyes Hair removal

According to numerous papers and researches, inheritance and genetics are among the common causes of this disease. Perhaps many people ask themselves if the issue is genetic, then why has not this blackness been reported in childhood ?! But the answer is, there may be no blur at birth and childhood, but it usually shows young and middle age after puberty. However, this disease is more common in our race than Iranians and peoples of the Middle East (from the Mediterranean Sea or from Lebanon to Pakistan and India).

The cause and cause of blackness around the eyes

Black under eyes is seen in both women and men, but is more common in women due to hormonal issues. Apart from genetic factors, the following factors can be mentioned:

Melanin sediment in the dermal layer

Mischievous food habits (simultaneous consumption of some foods such as yogurt and pickles, chili sauce, rice and pickles, etc.)

  • Swelling around the eyes (after swelling and loosening)
  • Venous vessels highlighted around the eyes
  • Loose skin of the eyelids
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid disease
  • Some Hormonal Diseases
  • Skin sensitization (eczema or utopia)
  • Stress

After getting inflammatory infections

These factors cause blackness around the eyes. Factors like fatigue, insomnia, exposure to sunshine, and monthly hormonal changes in women also play a significant role in exacerbating black eyes around the eyes.

Do not underestimate the age and sleepiness of the black eye

An increase in age is another reason for the presence of dark eyes. In the old age, color changes occur in most areas of the skin, which can be attributed to changes in the color of the skin of the eyelid and the eyes, most of which are permanent color changes. Stress, insomnia and insomnia are common non-genetic reasons. Of course, lack of sleep and stress are somewhat interrelated. In most patients, blurred from under the eye and spreads to the eyelids, forehead and around the nose and the species, and due to the unpleasant appearance it causes, the patient becomes tired, depressed and older than his age, That is why black treatment under the eye is of special importance.

How to treat bruises in the dark?

Avoid darkness, especially if they are of an anatomical and genetic type, they do not have any special treatment. Of course, the blues that are caused by the disease can be cured by treating the disease. Someone who is suffering from sleepiness and stress can solve the problem of darkness gradually if it solves these two problems. However, read the versions of modern medicine and traditional medicine to cure this problem.

What are the experts in modern medicine?

Black Eye & Cream Therapy:

In modern black medicine, the eyes do not have definitive and 100% treatment, but the use of anti-inflammatory eye surgeries in some people reduces the problem to some extent. These bundles of creams make changes to the circulatory system of the skin of the eyelids, which is why they somewhat prevent the accumulation of venous blood in the eyelids, and reduce the blackness of the eye, but it does not erode and, Do not completely cure. Also, worms should be approved by medical practitioners and should not be used for miscellaneous brands that are not valid.

Black Eye Treatment with New Techniques:

Techniques like some types of lasers and mild chemical peels can be effective in reducing the darkness around the eyes, but the effects of these techniques in people are different and unpredictable. In addition, it is not the answer of all the experts and it can be said that this type of treatment is temporary.

Black eye treatment with traditional medicine

Check your temper:

Traditionally, most people who are hot or dry can have dark skin problems around their eyes. These people are usually those who feel warm and warm inside, their skin is dry, usually constipated, and aggressively and angry. An over-the-top temperament causes skin wrinkling and darkening of the eye that will be eliminated by tempering.

Take note of these points

People who are hot and dry should avoid eating foods that are hot in nature, such as peppers, spices and spicy foods, or avoid conditions in which they grow dry, such as insomnia, frequent anger and excessive work.

On the other hand, consuming cold foods and foods and laxatives such as lettuce, prunes, dairy products, etc., will be effective in eliminating this state and blurring the eyes. Of course, after regeneration, the use of local oils such as violet oil, pumpkin oil and sweet almond oil can also be effective in improving this condition. .

Remedy for bruises and blackness around the eyes with these tips!

The best way to correct nutrition is to eliminate this state, which is to increase soda and sedimentation. Regarding the winter season and the time of pomegranate fruit, the first suggestion to improve the facial skin and remove the facial darkness, especially black under the eyes, and the production of competent blood, is recommended daily for fruits of natural fruit juice (3 glasses a week) or Drink Sour and sweet juice is the best choice, and it helps to strengthen the human liver.

Eat jam with carrots

The second suggestion is to improve the appearance of facial hair and eliminate this cold and dry sponge in the body of carrots. Brunch can be made in the form of jam and snack in the form of carrot juice, and in the lunch and dinner, the carrots are fluttered with meat, and the cinnamon used carrot stew. In addition, the carrot is both a liver and spleen that helps to strengthen the sexual power of individuals (especially carrot jam cooked with honey).

Change your lifestyle to treat black eyes

Generally, adults need at least 6 hours of sleep, and the best starting time is from 10 pm. Squeezing apples and eating chopped grated apples and a little rosewood with honey at 8 o’clock can help with deepening of the heart with deepening of the heart. You can fatten your nose with gourd oil from evening to night at least three times. This action causes deep sleep in people.

Look at the eyes for a black eye!

The perimeter of the eye is very sensitive and it is not easy to use deep peelers on these areas without prescribing the doctor. From the perspective of traditional Iranian medicine, the mirror is a nose mirror, and neurological disorders, anxiety, anxiety, fear and insomnia all contribute to the formation of darkness and wrinkles around the eyes.

Draw a line for the dark black hair

The temperament of individuals varies according to their circumstances, in different ages, seasons, climates, and so on, and for other reasons, such as psychological conditions, traveling to different climates and the foods that the person eats, Blurriness around the eyes may be blurred or dark. Some haze around the eyes is due to the accumulation of waste materials in the body, such as cold and dry sputum inside or inside the nose.

The most important factors that increase this confusion include excessive consumption of ready-made foods, fast food, sauces, lean meats, eggplant, cabbage, lentils and coffee. With high amounts of these substances, the soda increases in the blood and deposits in the body where one of them is around the eye that causes darkness around the eyes or stains in the skin.

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