Highlight your hair with these natural ingredients and at home

Normal hair highlighting

Basically, ladies,  a hair dresser who likes to have bright hair and beautiful hair highlights, are less likely to show this hair color because of the damage to their hair, but there is also a natural remedy for this, including highlighting hair. At home with lemon juice.

Did you know that you can highlight your hair at home and in the normal way?
You can do this using lemon juice. Lemon juice is not only useful for hair and skin, but also for enlivening hair and creating highlights on it. The result of this action depends on the natural color of your hair. If you have dark hair, then it may not change much after your first use. The fun part is that it will surprise you and you will not know what color you expect.

The method of highlighting hair with
your first lemon . You have to decide which hairs you want to be brightened. Do you want to turn your whole hair on or just partly shade it? The amount of lemon depends on the amount of hair you want to turn on.

Highlighting hair at home with natural ingredients

Pour the lemon into a container, then pour the lemon juice into the bottle to make it easier to use.Then, if you want to have natural shades on your hair, spray it all over the hair and if you want to turn some of your hair off, remove it and take it in your hands and then spray lemon juice on it.This will give you natural hair highlights.
After removing lemon juice on your hair, go out and expose it to the sun. Citric acid in the lemon opens the cuticle of the hair and combines with the ultraviolet ray of the sun and oxygen begins to light the hair. So sit for 30 to 60 minutes under sunlight. After sunbathing, shower and then wash your hair with a good softener. Exposure to direct sunlight may dry your hair. Therefore, it is recommended to use a softener.
If you do not get the desired result for the first time, do it again at least 3-2 times a week

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