Introducing the easiest and most effective hair mask

Treat your muscles with bananas and honey
Reduce your hair with a natural mask of bananas and honey ! Pee a banana and squeeze it, add some honey to it. To get a better result, add a little milk to make the paste soft. Now apply the mask to your scalp and wait for about 20 minutes, or until the mask dries. Then wash your head with your usual shampoo. This home remedy should reduce your hair loss by about 2 weeks .

Papaya Therapy for Hair
Papaya uniquely moisturizes and softens your hair . Crush a full papaya in a bowl and add it to half a cup of yogurt. Mix well and apply to your skin. Let the mask stay for about 20 minutes. For better results, wash your head with lukewarm water. This natural mask will not only reduce your hair , but also work as a softener. (Papaya is a Talebi San fruit that grows in tropical areas. If you do not have papaya, you can replace the mango.)

Eggs for your hair
Eggs are rich in protein and fatty acids, and since hair is composed of protein, eggs and could well strengthen it against hair leprosy makes resistant. In addition, eggs smooth the hair and prevent it from knitting. You can mask once a week from eggs to treat hair leprosy use.

Treat your body
The main cause of hair eats dry hair that is natural for any reason fat hair gone and cause hair leprosy field. To be able to control this and actually prevent hair loss, it is best to use oils such as olive oil and bitter almond oil. So that you rub your hands with the vegetable oil you like, and apply to the ends of your hair so that it becomes a little greasy. This can prevent hair loss .

Treat hair damages
From hair tools and hair conditioners to chemical treatments, all in all, in their turn, hurts the hair .

To treat your injured hair you can:

An egg yolk

A tbsp of honey

And two tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix together. Put this mask on your hair for 30 minutes . Finally the hair of your shampoo with hair Lee and softening rinse. This mask hydrates the hair and protein supply hair Rdnyaz, hair Jeb brilliance and strengthen the hair of it. Because of its high protein content, the eggs give you healthier hair and, due to the presence of lecithin, has both a natural shampoo and a good softener.

A special mask for your hair
When your hair is brittle, dry and weak, you experience problems like hair loss or hair loss . This may be because of your hair style , but sometimes, inappropriate nutrition is the cause of such problems, and hair brittleness indicates that you need more protein. In such cases, you can use a hair mask of:

A cup of Greek yogurt

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

And a tablespoon of honey

Get your hair done . Combine these ingredients together. Cover the hair from the root to the end with this mask. After 15 minutes, rinse your hair with water. Greek yogurt helps to strengthen hair by raising the amount of protein . Apple vinegar cleanses your hair and honey also provides them with moisture

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