Treatment for bee bites

To treat bee bites, refer to the following procedure. Sometimes the bite of the bee can be rickety, so be sure to remember the methods of treatment.

Bee treatment bite
University of Medical Sciences, said that most cases of homeopathy can be treated at home with primary care, said that if there were signs of swelling of the lips, palpitations, hypotension and dizziness, severe shortness of breath and Anesthesia occurs, the person should go to the emergency department. In this case, the so-called “person” suffers from anaphylaxis anaphylaxis.

If a person is suffering from this shock, the next time you have to swallow, you should inject one tenth of thirty ciphers of epinephrine, a type of subcutaneous injection, before you go to the emergency department. Remember that this is a dangerous mite and should not be used in all cases.

* Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that begins suddenly and can lead to death. [2] Anaphylaxis is commonly associated with symptoms such as cutaneous lesions, itching, swollen throat and hypotension. Common causes of anaphylaxis include insect bites, food and medications.

In the absence of the above symptoms, the bite is accompanied by swelling and severe pain. To relieve and treat it, first the bee sting should be removed and used to remove inflammation from the ice compartment. Also, antihistamines such as loratadine are used to prevent itching and allergy. It is recommended to use acetaminophen or broufen to relieve pain.

Bee, bee sting, bee sting

Prevention of biting infections It is recommended that the location of bites be washed with water and soap and someone who has been vaccinated for more than 10 years is obliged to inject this vaccine.

The method for de-dipping bee stings is carried out in people who are in high contact with the bee and who are likely to bite in them and suffer from anaphylaxis. In this method, very small amounts of bee stings are injected into the body and slowly increase the dose so that the body no longer responds to the bite and is vaccinated.

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